Church in Houston

Omega Fire Ministries is a church in Houston that will help you strengthen your relationship with God, and enable you and your family to navigate the challenges of everyday life.
Here, you will learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. As well as gain victory in battles through intense prayers, praise, and worship.
For your best church in Houston, on Friday was an intense hour of solution service where Pastor Stella Aghahowa led the congregation in prayers to break out of limitations such as poverty, stagnation, ill health, marital setbacks, childlessness, and family patterns.
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In addition, Omega Fire Ministries is a Christian Church in Houston that is dedicated to sharing the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the community.
The church is populated with a congregation of spirit-filled believers who over time have been empowered by the lead pastor through the help of the Holy Spirit to live a Christ-like life.
Church in Houston
Omega Fire Ministries is a church in Houston that is dedicated to a life that is defined by the standards of the word of God. This is to say that, the church is a Bible based church where the word of God is the final authority on all matters of faith and practice.

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1. Omega Fire Ministries Houston At Omega Fire Ministries Houston, the belief in the message of the gospel is central to the church’s mission of raising an army of spirit-filled believers who will obey the great commission, preach the gospel, and bring about a great revival. The church is located at 13155 Westhiemer Rd Houston TX, 77077
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