Talk about a pastor who is anointed and loaded with the scripture and think about Pastor Rich Aghahowa.
pastor rich aghahowa's sermons
Pastor Rich Aghahowa is the lead pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Houston. He is a dynamic preacher of the gospel with messages and sermons that are power-packed, and filled with inspiration that motivates. Pastor Rich Aghahowa’s sermons week in and week out are messages powerful with scriptural verses, ranging from the bible study sessions, and the powerful Friday prayers to the Sunday healing and deliverance services. Just like other youtube prayer channels such as Pastor Jerry Eze – the youtube prayer channel that started during Covid that has become a global movement, Pastor Rich Aghahowa’s ministry channel Omega Fire Ministries Houston has recorded tremendous growth. This is a result of consistency and the evidential move of the power of God in every service. The channel which started on August 15, 2015, with a location in the Houston area, United States of America, according to playboard has gained the popularity of 69,900 subscribers worldwide and a viewer range of 7,105,204.
Worthy to note is the fact that Pastor Rich Aghahowa’s sermons are sermons that are aimed at liberating people from bondage, delivering people from witchcraft and demonic attacks, opening the eyes of people to understand the scripture through word of knowledge and helping people come to realise their inheritance in Christ Jesus using the Bible as a standard. And over time, there have been testimonies of deliverance, healing and numerous miracles from youtube viewers and members of the church for the single reason of listening to or watching pastor Rich Aghahowa’s sermons.

Pastor Rich Aghahowa's Most Watched Sermons on YouTube

Since 2015, Pastor Rich’s ministry on Youtube has consistently recorded live videos that form the basis of the testimonies we hear and see far and near. But, certain videos stand out among others and are the most searched sermons on YouTube. These videos have and are still transforming lives and winning souls for Christ.

Below is the list of carefully selected Pastor Rich Aghahowa’s most watched sermons on YouTube:

Pastor Rich Aghahowa's Deliverance Sermon

Complete Deliverance Prayers Against Witchcraft is a 3-hour midnight battle prayer targeted at delivering those who have been under numerous witchcraft attacks and demonic manipulations.
Prayer for Open Doors is wake-up midnight 12am – 3am breakthrough prayer. This prayer is aimed at opening doors that have been intentionally shut by sheer wickedness from men. Doors like; marital settlement, childbearing, jobs, good health and favour from men. And if any of the mentioned sounds familiar to you, then you should join the prayer wagon and get your breakthrough!
Strong Man Fall By Fire This is a warfare prayer. Life is spiritual therefore, nothing ever happens on the face of the earth without being legally imposed spiritually. And according to the scripture, it is understood that some battles have been instigated by men through diabolically means to stop believers like you from fulling God’s purpose on earth. But thanks be to God for the scripture Lamentations 3:36 “Or subvert a man in his cause, the Lord does not approve” evidently, it is not the will of God to see you suffer, hence the prayer against strong man.
Deliverance From Witchcraft Attacks Warfare is real Ephesians 6:12 “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” when you notice that something bad keeps happening to your life recurrently, or you have a continuous bad dream and physically, there is no notable progress in your life. Then, this Pastor Rich’s sermon on witchcraft attacks will help you pray in the areas that you should and reassure you of your deliverance.

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Omega Fire Ministries Houston Most Watched Videos

Pastor Rich Aghahowa Quoting Scriptures Non-Stop Watch Pastor Rich Aghahowa as he pours out scriptures non-stop handling the power of gates. In his words “every family has a gatekeeper…if you are ever going to become anything in life, you must get ready to contend if the gatekeepers of your family determine who comes and who goes”. This could be you, are you experiencing setbacks and is confused about where your battle is coming from? Then you should contend with the powers at the gate Now.
Free Food Pantry Deuteronomy 15:10 “Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to” In fulfilling this scripture, popular on the Omega Fire Ministries Houston’s YouTube channel is this viral video where Apostle Johnson Suleman promised to feed people for free every week on Saturdays. In His words “Hunger has no religious inclination…the right way to use money is to feed the poor” what other message is more than the message of love? Watch Video Here.
The Man Who Lied And Got Lashed By The Holy Spirit Amongst the other, most popular videos on Omega Fire Ministries Houston, Youtube channel is this video of a man in Johannesburg South Africa, who in a congregation of thousands of people lied to Apostle Johnson Suleman and got a lash from the Holy Spirit. Just like Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 who lied to the Holy Spirit and instantly got a reward for their sins, this man was instantly rebuked and embarrassed by the Holy Spirit through God’s servant Apostle Professor Johnson Suleman. If you will like to know what happened next, Click to WATCH NOW.
Revival Alert It is the season of revival and every believer online is searching for any revival message that will stir up the hunger in them. This viral video displays Apostle Johnson Suleman as he sets the whole church ablaze with the revival fire. This video has gained over 92,541 views and has opened the eyes of many to see they need to rekindle their altar of prayer as seen in the comment session. Click To Watch Video.
9 Days Prayer and Fasting With Pastor Rich Aghahowa This sermon by Pastor Rich Aghahowa is a 9-day mid-year fasting and prayer service that will help you pray and bring God’s blessings. Though a mid-year service, it is a prayer that you can pray at any season to enjoy the dew of heaven and each prayer is an hour long:

Outstanding Messages From The Bible By Pastor Rich Aghahowa

pastor rich aghahowa's sermon
Pastor Rich Aghahowa is no doubt knowledgeable about the scripture as you can see from the numerous videos listed above. Conversely, he does not just quote scriptures without the foreknowledge, in-depth and revelational knowledge of what the Spirit of God is saying through the word of God. And to help men discover their God-ordained purpose, he carefully takes out time every Tuesday to break down and expound on the scripture for better assimilation. Below is a list of selected few:
Hidden Teachings About Angels Hidden teachings about angels is a pastor Rich Aghahowa’s sermon teaches about angels. The revelatory teaching from this sermon will change how you study the scripture, it will answer the questions that you have about angels. Questions such as; what are angels? Do I have an angel? what does the bible say about angels? And much more.

The Influence of Scriptures On Your Spirit

The influence of scriptures on your spirit teaches you how to read scriptures and get revelations from them. In this sermon, Pastor Rich Aghahowa teaches how to start reading the bible, how to enjoy reading the bible, how to pray before reading the bible, how to take notes while reading the bible and how to be consistent in reading the bible. And answers questions as to why one dozes off at the start of reading the bible.

5 Hidden Dangers of Online Church During the Covid online gained more grounds and even after Covid, it seems like people have become more attached to the online church than attending the physical church. To change the narrative, as Christ has admonished Christians not to forsake the gathering of the brethren, Pastor Rich Aghahowa points out 5 hidden dangers of an online church. This sermon addresses the following; 1. What is the online church? 2. How do you access a good online church? 3. Why should I attend an internet church? 4. Can I become a member? 5. Online church; is it right for me? 6. What if I want to meet in person? 7. What are some downsides to attending online church? 8. Join an online Christian community To see more click here Get to know more about Pastor Rich Aghahowa’s sermons by subscribing to the youtube channel Omega Fire Ministries Houston.

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Pastor Rich Aghahowa’s Sermons define messages

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