Top 7 Christian Churches in Houston – Things You Should Know

christian churches on Houston
Explore this list of the top 7 Christian churches in Houston
The Houston area is a vast land and is considered to be the ninth most expansive city in the United States, this is to say that, it is one of the most visited cities in the States. The city is not just made up of well-defined buildings that are beautifully designed for comfort and style but are characterized by churches that are crafted with utter perfection with each structure having its own unique recognition and principles. If you are ever planning to come around, here is what you should know about the top 7 churches in Houston.

List of The Top 7 Churches in Houston Everyone Must Visit While Vacationing in The US

1. OFM Houston Ofm is a church in Houston that is popularly known as Omega Fire Ministries Houston. It is a fast-rising evangelical church in Houston and is a Bible based church that is committed to preaching the Gospel and raising an army of believers. The church comprises of a community of believers who share the same interests, and values, who are accommodating enough to build an atmosphere that is conducive for building relationships and helping each other grow in faith. This church in Houston is led and overseen by Pastor Rich Aghahowa. Pastor Rich is a young and vibrant preacher and teacher of truth.
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2. Hope City Hope City is a Christian church in Houston that desires to celebrate and share the love of Jesus. Here every worshipper is connected as a community of believers with the purpose of loving Jesus, and others and changing the world by spreading happiness and faith. Hope City is one of the most visited churches in Houston.
3. Ecclesia Founded in 1999, Ecclesia is among the most visited churches in Houston and ever since, it has continued to serve the city of Houston and engage global issues of poverty, injustice, and water accessibility. The church’s Sunday mass witnesses many natives and travelers stopping by and paying dues.
4. Neartown Church Neartown Church is one of the most frequently visited churches in Houston. Visit this serene place and cherish the peace of life with Jesus. The church manages a community and every Sunday they hold a gathering which welcomes every individual passing by.
5. Lakewood Church Lakewood church is one of the non-denominational churches in Houston. The church is large in number and the place has a rising belief in the faith. St. John’s Downtown
6. St. John’s Downtown Church In St. John’s Downtown Church, the worshippers experience an exciting and uncommonly warm and welcoming culture. The church provides great musical performances which are appreciated by all. It also holds the title of one of the earliest churches in Houston.
7. City Life Church There are a plethora of non-denominational churches in Houston amongst all City Life is the most regularly attended church. It is a vibrant and multiethnic and multigenerational church. Their ideal concept is based on the belief in honoring God by placing spirit-empowered, socially responsible, and Christ-Centered churches in every nation.