Transformational Church in Houston Texas
Are you looking for a transformational church in Houston Texas?
What is a transformational church? A transformational church is a community of churches that represents God to the lost and found. It is a church where people become more like Jesus, where the enabling power is given to the people to become more of a reflection of the kingdom of God. A transformational church is aimed at discipling, teaching, empowering, and serving the community of its church congregation. A transformational church’s impact goes as far as affecting the community of people in the environment where it is situated. In a transformational church, the word of God is considered the only standard of living.
There are a good number of churches to pick from when looking for a transformational church in Houston, Texas. But consider these options…

Consider This When Looking For A Transformational Church in Houston Texas

There are a good number of churches in Houston Texas this is because of its vastness in landmass. However, there are striking differences, qualities, and characteristics that make them stand out from each other. Therefore, when looking for a transformational church in Houston Texas, consider the following: Is the church holistic, capacity-building, relational, participatory, developmental, redemptive, discipling, practicing the act of service, spiritually nurturing, prayer oriented, and excellent?


transformational church in Houston texas
The church ministry should be one that promotes wholeness for an individual or community across interconnected dimensions of life which includes the spiritual, physical, economic, emotional, and relational.

Spiritually Nurturing

The transformational church ministry should be one that provides opportunities for those who are spiritually hungry to encounter God’s truth and grace in ways that are culturally relevant and non-coercive.

Prayer Oriented

Prayer is the life wire of every church community. It is one of the most important qualities of a transformational church. God can do everything but will do nothing until a man prays. So, to help the church community get the desired transformation that they require, prayer is a vital necessity.

Is The Church Redemptive?

A transformational church ministry’s authority bothers around Christ’s victory over sin in all its forms. Including exploitation, ungodly behaviors and worldviews, and broken socio-economic structures.

Capacity Building

Transformational Church in Houston Texas
Does the transformational church ministry avoid dependency by not doing what people can do for themselves, or undermining the capacity of local leaders, organizations, and businesses?


Relationships are characterized by respect for the image of God in each person, affirming the dignity and equality of all people. This and all that has to do with relational skills should not be lacking in a transformational church.

Practicing the Act of Service

The church ministers with the community, not to the community, seeking the opportunity to serve as a friend rather than a hero – servant leadership. A transformational church must seek to serve the people not the people serving the leadership of the church.


Every transformational church ministry should focus on the motivation, input, and involvement of those affected by the ministry – members of the community, volunteers, local nonprofits, and much more.


The transformational church ministry should be able to promote excellence and integrity in its standards, stewardship, and leadership.

And Developmental

The ministry goes beyond meeting immediate needs to promote lasting change in individuals, neighborhoods, social systems, and/or the broader culture.

OFM Houston - Transformational Church in Houston Texas

OFM Houston is a transformational church in Houston Texas that is committed to preaching the gospel and raising an army of believers from far and near. OFM Houston is not just a physical church but also an online church that has transformed the lives of many across the globe.
The church, under the leadership of Pastor Rich Aghahowa , draws on the need to nurture the spiritual need, physical and emotional needs of people.
OFM Houston’s days of worship are designed in such a way that will be convenient for everyone regardless of the time zone since it is both a physical church and an online church.