Prayer Service

17 Things To Consider In Leading A Prayer Service


Prayer is a fundamental characteristic of believers who are conscious of their spiritual growth and have a standing relationship with God. Prayer is one of the ways you grow in faith and stay in check. Therefore, it is important to have a regular prayer service infused into a church’s line-up of activities. 

However, to do this, there are basic patterns you must observe in leading a prayer service. Which are:

Gathering/Introduction – songs, greetings and opening prayer

The word of God – Scripture reading, response, silence

Shared prayer – petitions, traditional prayers, litanies, composed prayers

Conclusion – closing prayer, blessing, songs.

As A Pastor, You Will Be Called Upon To Lead Prayer Services From Time To Time. Here Are Some Things To Consider When Leading Such Services.

The Prayer

Imagine preparing to attend a wedding reception where the couples made no room for mouth-watering refreshments? You are likely to return home feeling sad.

As a prayer service leader, preparing before the time for your prayer service paves way for things to be done properly and allows the smooth flow of the Holy Ghost. 

The Role of the Holy Spirit


In a prayer service, the presence of the Holy Spirit serves as a guide to all prayer. Therefore, as a prayer leader, you must offer yourself as a vehicle of the spirit by praying that the Holy Spirit guide, inspire and use you


Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light to my path” The word of God should be the standard of every prayer service. Because listening to the word of God is one of the ways God speaks to people. 


Music is to the church as food is to the body. In Psalm 100:2 “serve the Lord with gladness: Come before His presence with singing” That is to say that, in every prayer service, worship of song should not be missing as it is an essential ingredient. 


This is the location where the prayer meeting will likely take place. A good environment gives room for the Holy Ghost to thrive. In setting up a location, a good serene atmosphere will do, preferably the church premises as this will lessen distractions.


Also, the atmosphere determines how well your members can connect with everything you say in a prayer service. Consider introducing slow worship music in the background, display images that describe your speech at the time on the projection screen.

The Time Frame

The category of people you want in your prayer service has a way of influencing the time frame for your meeting.

Is the prayer service for children, teenagers, youths or adults? You decide the suitable time to get them come around and if it’s a recurring meeting, fix it at the right time of the day.

For example, you don’t choose to fix the time for a prayer service during the day for a group of workers. Or a group of college students in the morning time.

Also, make sure that the time does not exceed an hour or two.

Assembly Participation

In addition, ensure you carry everyone along in a prayer service. This is a pointer that will tell if you are allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you or you are merely doing what pleases your mind. 

Nonverbal Elements

During a prayer service, consciously at intervals ask members to kneel, raise their hands in worship, move around. And as led by the Spirit, lay hands on them, bless and anoint them. 

Verbal Elements

Follow and borrow from the prayer of the Church: introductory rites, psalm responses, intercessions, and blessings. These prayers are rich and evocative and therefore, powerful.


Liturgical Feasts and Seasons

It is important that during a prayer service, you pay close attention to the time and season of the liturgical year for example festive periods like Christmas, Easter, New year, this will guide you in selecting themes and prayers.

 Know Your Assembly


The age level of your members should determine how you lead a prayer service. Consider this and it will help you know the areas to address to enable you to build their faith. 

Prepare/The Focus

No one ever wakes up to start a thing without having a reason. For example, I may decide to give free medical to the sick within my community because at first, I saw the need to reduce the mortality rate in my community. This is reason enough to act upon.


Be sure of your focus, theme and goal before organising a prayer service. Meditate and envision the prayer, feel the flow, get a sense of space, time, sound, silence and so on. Assign roles ahead of time.

So, when setting up a prayer service for your church or small group, endeavour to know your focus. What are you praying about? Why are you praying about it? Who are you praying for? These questions will enable you to draft out prayer requests suitable for the meeting.

Include silence

When there is silence, you open yourself up to receive from God. At a point in a prayer service, lead the people to observe a moment or two of silence. This will enable them to ascend to the point the Holy Spirit wants them to in prayer. 


Give instructions beforehand.

There’s nothing worse than interrupting a prayer to give directions such as “the left side takes this part, and the right side takes that part!”


Be creative.

As mentioned earlier, include the use of a projection screen and enable the appropriate visuals. 

Encourage spontaneous prayer.

Not everyone is comfortable with spontaneous prayer, but it is a form of prayer that needs to be taught and fostered.



Throughout the prayer service speak clearly and slowly. Proclamation is more than merely reading the text and less than a dramatic performance. As you speak, try not to bury your head in the text; look at the assembly as much as possible. Speaking in this way will help to involve the participants.


Move with reverence.

Moving with reverence means moving not too quickly or slowly, and not stiffly, but with ease and regard for what you are doing.


Are you preparing for a prayer meeting soon? These basics will enable you effectively and wholeheartedly organize a prayer service that others can benefit from. 

What To Do When You Pray

Now that you know the basics of a prayer service and you have planned and prepared. This is what to do when you pray  to engage and carry others along during your prayer service.

Have an opening prayer

An opening prayer helps in ushering the people into the presence of God.

Have a praise and worship session 

This prepares the mind to be ready to receive from God in the place of prayer and allows for a smooth transition when communicating with God.

Have a word session

During the word session give instructions about prayer, read two or more scriptures from the bible that speaks about your central theme for the meeting. If possible, have an interactive session.

 Have a prayer method 

This is the main point of the meeting anyways. After preparing the minds of the people to receive from God, then you dive into the prayer service properly. When praying, use varieties – people should pray in groups or in twos, they should walk around the place, sit or stand to pray depending on which they are most comfortable with.

Also, during prayers, it should be one topic at a time, each prayer point should be broken into sessions and categorized. For example, a prayer request for the nation should be distinct from individual prayer requests.

Finally, when ending the prayer service give the people a take-home message. You can decide to read from the bible or use a moral lesson that matches up with the theme of the prayer service.

Give thanks, share pleasantries by interacting with one another.

Have a closing prayer

Talk to someone if they are willing to close your time together. you can choose to close the prayer service yourself or use a passage from the bible to pray a general closing prayer. 

For your closing prayer, here are some suggestions:

  • Thank God for always hearing and caring

  • Thank God for the time to focus on talking with Him

  • Thank God for knowing all our heart desires better than we do.

  • Ask God to care for each person who came

  • Pray for any requests that were missed durying the prayer time

  • Ask God to be with anyone who was unable to make it to the prayer service

  • Thank God for knowing what is best for everyone and ask that His will be done. 

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