Family Church

Hello, we are overly excited to have you here!

Interestingly we are not just a group of people who gather weekly to worship, praise and pray but we are a family church. And as a family church, we dive deep into the truth of the gospel, applying faith in all that concerns us and express love to each other, this way we are drawn to care for one another. As the name implies, we are a community of old and young people – children inclusive.

How do we apply faith? Take a look at what is happening around the world in this period of pandemic. Before now, you may have been going through difficult times in your life yet when you take a step outside God brings something your way that stirs up your faith in Him. But with a close look at how the whole world became sick, it is quite difficult to find peace within and without and at this point the church becomes the only place where believers and even non-believers’ yanks strength from. The word of God has been our daily guide and through wisdom sessions every Tuesday we are being reminded of the promises of God and how relevant it is to hold onto our believes, because such times are part of the storms of life and will soon pass away.

Teaching the word is incomplete, if people around us cannot witness the life of Christ in us, and as we have been admonished to love one another, sometime in April 2020 in a bid to extend a helping hand to humanity, Pastor Rich Aghahowa distributed 100 box of rice and 100 loaves of bread to 100 families not minding if they are believers or unbelievers, every Sunday until the lockdown was relaxed. The Christian journey is more understood when you can identity with persons who are living examples of the life Christ lived.

What should you expect from us as a family church?

Full expression of the love of God by: constant praise and worship, hearing of the word through dynamic preaching, care and support, guidance and counselling, intense prayer and demonstration of the power of God.

We organize a list of activities like family visitations, youth activities and home cell to connect with members and people within the community but due to the Covid-19 pandemic everything has been on halt except for Sunday services and weekly activities.

Distance is not a barrier to being a part of this family as our social media accounts are active for you to connect with us on YouTube @Omega Fire Ministries Houston, on Facebook @Omega Fire Ministries Houston Texas, Twitter @ofmhoustontexas, Instagram @ofmhouston.

Are you a believer within this community and would like to identify with us, please we encourage that you do so by contacting +18325988144  or send a mail to   

Its ok if you are new in the Christian faith or an unbeliever, we are always here to help you grow, please share with us some vital information about yourself as this will help us know how to work with you.

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