Prayer Against Witchcraft Arrows – Redhot Prayer

Prayer Against Witchcraft Arrows

Prayer against witchcraft arrows

Until the Lord opens your spiritual eyes, you will not realise that some battles are not physical. And for your blessings to come to you, there are prayers you must pray to destroy witchcraft attacks against your life and family. 

With the recent happenings around the world, it is no longer news that:

1. The devil has invaded our homes and the world at large by hurting people, taking away their happiness, blocking their access to good things and in the end making life a living hell for them. 

2. People are willingly giving themselves to the enemy and learning how to destroy and harm others with demonic powers through diabolical means. 

How To Know If You Are Under A witchcraft Attack

  1.  1. If you are going through an unexplainable health condition
  2. 2. When you lose your job in intervals
  3. 3. When you are going through a dire financial crisis
  4. 4. You are in your 30s and no man has ever asked for your hand in marriage
  5. 5. You are depressed and always hearing voices asking you to kill yourself
  6. 6. Waking up with marks and lacerations on your body 
  7. And so many other bizarre situations…

Prayer against witchcraft arrows is a power-packed and Holy Ghost filled prayer targeted at stopping the arrows of the enemy against believers.

Prayer against witchcraft arrows is for those who are ready to call a quit to the sorrow caused by evil arrows. It does not matter what the enemy has done against you, there is no witchcraft that can prosper in place of God’s plans and purpose for your life – Numbers 23:2


You are sick in your body and have been to different health centres but your case keeps growing from fair to worse, you have been working for years but nothing to show for it, you have been married for years but have never heard the cry of a baby in your house, you are a young lady/man advancing in age but no sign of getting married soon. Let me ask, have you commanded the night and morning with prayer against witchcraft arrows?

Nothing happens on the face of the earth without a reason. People die young, several homes are in disarray, many having difficulty sleeping as a result of depression, some moving about like corpses and careers in shackles as a result of the wicked arrows fired to consume their souls.

This piece is targeted at leading you to fight back and take your possession. It has prayer points that address more than one hundred arrows the enemy uses to fire at people l, tormenting them as they journey through life.

By deliverance which comes from the word of knowledge, you shall be set free in order to possess your possession – Obadiah 1:17.

These prayer points by Pastor Rich Aghahowa are Holy Ghost vomited – red-hot prayers that will teach you how to engage your hands for battles and your fingers for war. However, you should bear in mind that you are fighting from the standpoint of victory Colossians 2:15 that way, you defeat the enemy with no stress.

Your time has come, pray and get results now!


Prayers To Destroy Witchcraft Attacks Against Your Life & Family and Release Your Blessing

1. Prayers against witchcraft arrows

2. RedHot Prayers Stopping Evil Arrows

3. Prayers To Destroy Witchcraft Covens By Fire

4. Prayers Against Spiritual Wickedness

5. Not My Blood – Prayer Against Witchcraft and Demonic Attacks

6. RedHot Prayer Against Satanic Hindrances

7. Judgemental Prayers Against Strongman and Their Witchcraft

8. Break Like A Clay Pot – 90 Minutes Judgemental Prayers At Midnight

9. Destroying Witchcraft Covens By Fire

10. Prayers To Destroy The Works of Darkness

11. 90 Minutes Prayer To Take What is Yours by Force

12. Midnight Prayers For Destiny Recovery

13. Spiritual Warfare Prayer For Midnight

14. Deliverance Prayer From Generational Curses And Foundational Stronghold

15. Without Judgement There is No Settlement

16. Powerful Prayers From Psalm 91

17. Powerful Prayers For Family Deliverance

18. Command Your Morning With This Early Morning Prayers

19. Forceful Prayers Breaking Bad-Luck

20. He That Digs A Pit


Pastor Rich Aghahowa is the resident pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Houston Texas, he is a fire brand, loaded with words from the scripture and son of Apostle Johnson Suleman. Watch and pray with him here.

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