Study of the Book of Acts in Houston

The Book of Acts, also known as the Acts of Apostles, is the fifth book of the New Testament. It is one of the most exciting parts of the New Testament because of its continuous movement, and tremendous wisdom in its lines.


With the help of Omega Fire Ministries, Houston, you can truly understand what each word of the book means. Attending the study allows you to know how the wisdom present in The Book of Acts can be introduced in your daily life, helping to uplift you. You can also use this time to ask any questions you might have and clear any doubts.

Why Study the Book of Acts?

There are various reasons why the study of the Book of Acts in Houston is important for you.

1.    It Gives an Account of Actual History

The importance of the Book of Acts as a historical account cannot be stressed enough. It tells about the founding of the Church, the origin of congregations, how the gospel spread, and the evangelistic attempts in the apostolic pattern. The Book of Acts gives a clear account of the origin and spread of the Church because of the work of the Lord and the Holy Spirit through the apostles.

2.    It is Full of Useful Instructions for Christians

The Book of Acts tells us how to walk, worship, win souls, witness, suffer, pray, conquer, rejoice in trial, and live for the Lord and even die to him. It tells us how Christians have acted, worked together and overcome obstacles in times of crisis.

The book provides clear details regarding important Christian doctrine. In the Acts, we see how gospel was preached and how it worked. We get hear them in the speeches and sermons of Paul, Peter, Philip, Stephen, Ananias and James. The apostles have done a wonderful job of telling us what a Christian should be and whom the gospel should be presented to.

All the main doctrines are conveyed in this book. Another amazing thing is that although the message is preached by many different people in the book, it always stays the same.

3.    It has Great Missionary Value

The Book of Acts is also the Church’s authorized manual for missionary efforts. It talks about why missionary work is important, what course of action and discourse should be maintained during such work, and where it should be done. The Book talks about evangelization of men as well as cities. It also shows how men can be called for missionary service. The Book of Acts has everything needed to inspire, train and equip missionaries to do great work.

Join Us

Omega Fire Ministries, Houston, is a dynamic diverse and thriving community of real people who have experienced life side by side, guided by the word of the Lord. The ministry believes that demonic manipulations and oppressions are real in this world but that we have an even stronger belief in the Holy Spirit of God which refines, purifies and, at the same time, destroys evil.

So, join us to in the study of the Book of Acts in Houston, TX, to know about the origin and message of Christianity, and bring purpose to your life.