changing destiny trajectory

Changing destiny trajectory means changing the course of your destiny. Who has concluded that nothing good will ever come out of your life? This year, you are walking into a season where your light will manifest in the name of Jesus.

Are you doubting this process? Here is my story;

while growing up, on regular accounts when people ask me where I am from and I tell them the name of my village they’ll reply with a jest and say “that village where hunger kills a bird”. I had been in New Jersey for eight years with nothing to show for it.

It took me eight years to realize this, I had no dime until a began to watch a man of God on YouTube. I was watching him like a goalkeeper about to catch a ball. At a point, something told me that this man carries the grace that can rewrite my destiny.

I left New Jersey to Auchi, Nigeria and I was privileged to meet the man of God. He x-rayed me prophetically and prophesied into my life, as I was about to leave he dipped his hands into his pocket, counted out dollars and said to me “take some money”

And I said “no sir, I did not come here to receive money, if you give me this money it will eventually finish rather speak a word over my life”. The man of God looked at me, filled with the anointing of the Holy Ghost and declared “God will change your story”

Many years later this same boy that could not make anything out of his life, God has changed my story through an encounter with a man who is not just a man of God but an embodiment of the unending grace of God – Apostle Professor Johnson Suleman.

When God changes the trajectory of your destiny, you will be like the man in John 9:1-9 who was blind from birth but after receiving a touch from the one that passed by – Jesus Christ, people could no longer identify him. It doesn’t matter who have written you off, God is about to do a new thing in your life.

Believing God for a change? Then, pray this prayer of faith

Make this MY TIME HAS COMEa daily declaration and see God breaking barriers for your sake

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