Restoring men to their destiny

Yesterday the Holy Ghost moved in tremendous ways as Pastor Rich Aghahowa restored men to their destiny through prophetic words of declaration. It was an intense prophetic service in Omega Fire Ministries Houston as he unravels the mystery behind divine mandate.

He expounds that divine mandate differs from ministry to ministry and ministers to ministers. And for a minister to excel in ministry he must understand and work in line with the divine mandate of God for his life.

For a man’s destiny to be restored, such a person must understand the divine mandate allocated to the ministry where he worships, he adds by citing an example with God’s general Apostle Johnson Suleman whom God has given the mandate to wipe out tears and restore men to their destinies.

Furthermore, he mentioned the names of different monarchs in the bible who walked in line with the divine mandate of God for their lives and prospered, persons like Moses whose mandate was to deliver the house of Jacob, Isaiah was to bring salvation to Israel, Prophet Jeremiah given the mandate to judge the house of Jacob and the mandate of Jesus Christ was to destroy the works of satan and so many others.

In essence, these men would not have prospered if they had walked outside the divine mandate of God for their lives. And by the reason of the divine mandate over the commission Omega Fire Ministries pastor declares:

“Because my father in the Lord has been given the divine mandate to wipe out tears, therefore I stand on this altar to declare over your life; whatever it is that was lost in your life in the previous generation, you shall recover it. I restore your health, I restore your finance, I restore your marriage, I restore your career in the name of Jesus”

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