Sunday Service

Everything good makes up the Sunday service. This goodness accompanied by the presence of the Holy Ghost is what makes you interested in…

I love, love and love everything about the Sunday service and I am sure you do too.

Where do we start? Is it the alluring atmosphere of worship, the hour of intense prayers or the power packed word session?

Everything good makes up the Sunday service. This goodness accompanied by the presence of the Holy Ghost is what makes you and I always interested in attending church service on Sundays.

But it is important to note that Sunday service differs for all denominations though with striking similarities. Look out for these…


Sunday service is mostly coordinated and well planned in a manner that best defines it. Here’s a list of things you should look out for in a Sunday service

Opening prayer

Opening prayer opens up your heart and mind to receive from God. In a bid to saturate the atmosphere, opening prayer is conducted to enable the free flow of the presence of the Holy Ghost.

To learn more about prayers see also Prayer Service.

Sunday School

The Sunday school precedes the service. Usually done immediately after the opening prayer for 30 minutes or an hour. With the sole aim of instructing members on rudiments of how to live a good Christian life.


The music in a Sunday service is mostly divided into the praise and worship session. A Sunday service is conventionally incomplete without the praise and worship session. Because during this session, an incense of worship is raised to God.

Aside prayers, it is one of the ways believers communicate to God in readiness to receive from him.

Offering and Tithes

As a Christian you have been admonished by God to offer a part of the proceeds of your harvest to the lord. When attending a church service, this should be enough guide to let you know that the word of God is standard in the church.

Hymn recitation

Hymns are another way to adore and worship God. Though in form of music, this is usually done before the preacher commences preaching.

Word session

The word session is the most important part of the service and it is a contributing factor to the church’s life and growth. It is through the word of God that his spirit is made manifest.

The prophetic

Common with the protestant church, the prophetic is a dimension of a service where there is impartation, deliverance and healing. The Omega Fire Ministries Houston illustrates this dimension of God’s power, to see more of their videos subscribe to their YouTube channel @Omega Fire Ministries Houston.


No Sunday service is concluded without a word of declaration from the preacher to the congregation. These are proclamation that sustains the spiritual life of members during the week. Mostly done at the end of the service, in protestant churches members are admonished to be partakers of this session.

Could it possibly be that I am missing a thing or two? Lets engage ourselves in a communication by you leaving a comment in the comment session.

To ensure you have the best experience in a Sunday service, scout for a church that has the above listed embedded in their line up of activities. Read also; A Church Near Me

For recommendations, find time to visit Omega Fire Ministries Houston. The Sunday service here is not just power packed but fire brand