Apostolic Church Near Me

Finding an apostolic church near me has been one of the basic challenges Christians face especially new converts in the faith – who find it tasking to identify with a church that will assist them to grow spiritually and have a better relationship with God. In most cases, people find it difficult to attend ‘just any church’ they find around when they move to a new geographical location. On a contrary, personal desires can influence your choice of church. Here are four mistakes people make in finding a church.


More than 4000 people search for a new place of worship every weekend. So before you go to another church near me Here are 4 common mistakes people make when looking for a new church.
1. Distance – never settle into a new church because of proximity. In the days of John the Baptist, people traveled from the city to the hot wilderness to hear John preach. Distance should never bar you from accessing a spirit-filled church.
2. Curb Appeal – Don’t get lost in church building aesthetics or grandeur. Jesus rebuked the church in revelation prides in wealth yet spiritually they were very poor.
3. Ethnicity – this should NEVER cross your mind. We are ONE body in Christ.
4. Music – this is very important, but make sure you’ve checked the following point listed below.


1. The presence of God: When looking for a new church, this is your first impression and it’s crucial. Do you perceive God? When you walk into a club there is a whiff of Carnality. Like when you walk into a library there is a study ambiance. when you come into God’s presence, there should be holiness in the air. When you walk into a spirit-filled church, If you are a believer, you have the Holy Spirit in you to witness in your heart that you are in the presence of God.

apostolic church near me

2. A Praying Church: My house shall be called “a house of prayer”. This is a deal-breaker for a church near me, please Look for a church that prays. I’ll say it again, look for a praying church. Never settle in the church where prayer is not prioritized. If you belong to a praying church, it will quickly rub off on you.

A church near me

3. A worded church: carefully examine the content of the word of God. Not a storyteller or a motivational speaker on the pulpit. You need words that birth the fear of God in your heart, drive your spirit to hunger for God, bring conviction of sin, and produce repentance to God.

4. The pastor: you must examine Who is the sent man? The lead pastor. Aside from his title, is the first a Christian? By his fruit, you shall know them. Does he bear fruits of the spirit, does he have a good command of scriptures, does he PRAY??? Does he fear God, is he humble?

That said, there are other important things to look for in a church, but those 4 take the cake.


If you have read through these, you may be looking for recommendations, there are many great churches near you that feature all the 4 points mentioned above and more. But here is one of my favorite churches in Houston – Omega Fire Ministries Houston (OFM)

Omega Fire Ministries Houston is a great church in Houston Texas. The presence of God is palpable, this congregation roars in prayer and the word of God is king here. The pastor of this church is young and dynamic, sound, and a FIRE brand pastor. Pastor Rich Aghahowa will hit you with waves of scripture after scripture, oftentimes quoting over 30 scriptures in a sermon – a walking bible indeed. One Sunday service is all you need to make you say like Joshua, “as for me and my house, we will worship God in this church”

OFM Houston is Indeed a great church near you, where you and your family can grow!!!